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Family Medicine Residency

Mission Statement
The Mission Statement of St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital identifies its commitment to medical education and community health.
Mission of the St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital Family Medicine Residency
By using our talents and resources responsibly, and with a focus on life-long learning and self-care, we seek to shape our family medicine residents into knowledgeable skilled, professional physicians capable of providing excellent family-focused care in any clinical environment.
Upon completion of the training, the resident will be able to:
  • Educate residents on a healthy physician life-style which incorporates effective time management, stress reduction, self-care and life-long learning.
  • Provide an avenue for residents to possess the scientific, socio-economic and behavioral knowledge required to provide care for complex medical conditions and comprehensive preventative care.
  • Demonstrate proficiency in the ability to evaluate evolving medical knowledge and the skill to incorporate it into the care of patients.
  • Educate residents on the values and behaviors of professionalism in all aspects of medical training, including clinical work, educational pursuits, execution of administrative responsibilities and interaction with colleagues, staff, patients, and families.