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Brain and Spine Center

Shoe Recommendations

Brooks Addiction (Motion Control, L): Big River Running Company, MO Running Co.
Brooks Glycerin 10 (Neutral-Stability, S-M): Fleet Feet, Big River Running Co, True Runner
Brooks Dyad 7 (Neutral-Stability, S-L): Big River Running Company

New Balance 840 (Neutral-Stability, M-L): New Balance Store
New Balance 1340 (Neutral Stability, M-L): New Balance Store

Saucony ProGrid Guide 6 (Stability, S-L): Fleet Feet, Big River Running Co, True Runner, MO Running Co.
Saucony Omni 11 (Neutral-Stability, S-M): Big River Running Co, The Running Center

Walking Shoes
Asics Foundation (Stability, M-L): Big River Running Company

Signs of a Good Shoe
Heel should feel stabile when you walk or run.
Ability to find and feel the arch of the shoe.
Ability to push off your big toe when walking or running.
Minimal to NO give in outer heel counter.

Motion Control: Good for flat fee.
Stability: Good for medium/low arch feet and some orthotics.
Neutral: Good for high arch feet and best with some orthotics.

S-M-L: Indicates the frame of the individual the shoe can support
(S would support a small frame person)

Asics shoes insole color:
Blue = cushion/neutral
Red = motion control
Yellow = stability

Adapted from Hruska Clinic www.Posturalresortation.com