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Cardiac Services

The Heart Failure Disease Management Team

Heart failure specialist or cardiologist - provides guidance for the management of heart failure and other cardiac conditions.

Heart failure disease management nurses - consistently delivery quality care to patients and caregivers on an inpatient and outpatient basiss. They provide initial and ongoing coordination of the patient's disease management and provide feedback to the patient and physician regarding progress toward goals. In depth heart failure education is initiated in the hospital and continued on an outpatient basis.

Pharmacist - provides education on medications, interactions and side effects.

Health care professionals from the following departments may also assist with the development and implementation of your plan of care:
This partnership is a commitment the Heart Failure Disease Management team extends 24 hours a day, every day. This means if you have symptoms of worsening heart failure or other medical problems or questions, the team is here to help you. By addressing your medical needs immediately and consistently, we strive to optimize your health and decrease the need for emergency room visits or hospitalizations related to your heart failure.