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St. Luke's Center for Cancer Care Installs New State-of-the-Art Linear Accelerator
The Radiation Oncology Department at St. Luke's Hospital has continued to work closely with its doctors and hospital administration to ensure our patients receive the latest advancements in cancer care. As part of this commitment, we were proud to upgrade our linear accelerator during this past year.

When cancer is diagnosed in a patient, St. Luke's Hospital offers a range of services to treat the disease. In addition to chemotherapy and surgery, radiation oncology is also available. Used to treat cancers including lung, breast, and prostate cancer, radiation therapy is delivered on an outpatient basis using a piece of equipment called a linear accelerator. Directed at specified areas of the body, the high-energy x-rays interfere with cancer cells' ability to multiply and make new tumor cells and kills existing cancer cells.

The new state-of-the-art linear accelerator is equipped with (IGRT) or image-guided radiation therapy. IGRT allows for delivery of powerful, tightly-focused radiation beams to a tumor from many angles, all with unmatched accuracy. This makes it possible to treat very small lesions and tumors that are close to vital structures, while avoiding or minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. It is one of the most precise and powerful cancer treatment technologies available.

"This is the cutting edge in radiation therapy," said Dr. David Butler, chief, department of radiation oncology. "It allows us to make the radiation dose much more uniform and to contour or shape it more accurately to the shape of the tumor," said Dr. Butler. "The shaping allows us to spare more normal tissue while treating the desired cancerous tissue."

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