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"Based on my experience, this is the only place you should go."
PSA Test Leads to Cancer-free Diagnosis for St. Luke's Patient
For years, Bob has taken care of himself while also taking notice of his numbers. Over time, numbers inch up, as they tend to do. Nothing serious, as age has some say in which numbers go up and which ones go down. But, Bob paid particular attention to his PSA counts. And last fall, the numbers jumped.

"The PSA jumped quite a bit," said Bob. "The doctor suggested I wait a bit and re-do the blood test. We did it again and the results were roughly the same."

A biopsy of the prostate followed. And in the 12 samples that were taken, five showed cancer.

"The thing that's most amazing about this is there are zero signs," said Bob. "Nothing felt different for me."

His physician went over his options. Bob, in turn, discussed those with friends and family who had similar experiences. He decided to have surgery.

"The hospital went to great lengths to make sure I was ready for the surgery and understood the reasons why," said Bob.

"At each stage, everybody talked to me by name and treated me like a human being," he said. "Even right before I went to sleep for surgery, they asked me if I was comfortable. I was like, 'really'? I'm going to be sleeping in 10 seconds and they're asking me if I'm comfortable. It was amazing."

"A couple days following my surgery, my surgeon came in and said you're free to go home," said Bob. On the way out, his surgeon paused and said he forgot to tell Bob something as he pulled out a piece of paper. He said, "Here's your pathology report. The cancer is all contained. As far as we're concerned, you're cancer-free."

"About a month ago, I had a PSA test and it was zero," said Bob. "That was the ultimate confirmation."

As he reflects on his experience, Bob notes how much he appreciates the care he received through each step of the process. "The care at St. Luke's was amazing," said Bob. "No matter how busy the place was, and it was busy, I always felt like the only patient they were taking care of. It was simply beyond anything I have ever experienced."

At a recent trip to St. Luke's, Bob incidentally bumped into an acquaintance who was about to experience a similar journey with prostate cancer. Bob shared some words with him, but none more important than these. "I told him, based on my experience, this is the only place you should go."

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