Health Information Center Syllabus

      Each month, the Body/Mind poster delivers brief, interesting articles on important health and wellness topics. To maximize the health and wellness promotion, your hospital is encouraged to coordinate its development strategies with the designated monthly topics.

JANUARY : Physical health
Discusses the hazards of a sedentary lifestyle and the benefits of regular exercise

FEBRUARY : Heart health
Explains the dangers associated with untreated high blood pressure

MARCH : Nutrition
Addresses junk food/fast food consumption in America and suggests healthful alternatives

APRIL : Cancer
Examines skin cancer risk factors and prevention

MAY : Allergies and asthma
Discusses seasonal pollen

JUNE : Occupational health and safety
Focuses on the importance of stretching and provides sample stretches

JULY : Back-to-school
Examines common causes of stress for adolescents and suggests ways to minimize its effects

AUGUST : Men�s health
Addresses the importance of PSA exams to the prevention of prostate cancer

SEPTEMBER : Cold & flu
Provides suggestions for cold and flu prevention

OCTOBER : Women�s health
Explains mammograms and their importance to the prevention of breast cancer

NOVEMBER : Diabetes
Offers a diabetes management update and highlights the latest treatment options

DECEMBER : Stress and depression
Gives advice for combating holiday stress and depression