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Fill 'Er Up: The Importance of Maintaining Brain Health

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Fill 'Er Up: The Importance of Maintaining
Brain Health (Fact Sheet)

We've all experienced that moment when you walk into a room and can't remember why! Early research states as you get older, the speed of your brain begins to slow down and your memory sometimes "shorts out." Good news! That may not be completely true! Scientists now say that your brain is actually getting smarter as you age.There are more and more things you can do to invigorate your noggin and maintain healthy brain function.

The health of your brain, like the health of your body, depends on several factors. You may be surprised how making the smallest tweaks to your daily routine can boost your intellect, postpone mental aging and help you live a longer life.

6 Pillars of Brain Health
Integrating these six guidelines (PDF) into your routine can help minimize harmful effects on your brain.

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