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Spirit of Women

Archive: Take Action This Month for Better Health

Take Simple Steps to Prevent Pre-diabetes
1 in 3 adults have pre-diabetes - and 9 out of 10 don't even know they have it. (Pre-diabetes is a blood glucose higher than normal but not high enough to be diagnosed as Type 2 diabetes.)

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The Right Fit
Your life is not one-size-fits-all, so why should your workout be? It is practically impossible to escape advertising for a seemingly endless number of fitness trends, but just because a workout is popular or works for someone else does not necessarily mean it is the best fit for you. When starting a fitness routine, it is important to focus on what fits your unique lifestyle, interests, and fitness level.

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Stick To Your Resolutions
Still mulling over your list of New Year's resolutions? It is never too late to create and accomplish a list of resolutions. Although millions of Americans make resolutions every year, only about 12 percent are successful in achieving their goals. Why are resolutions so easy to make yet so difficult to keep?

Like any emergency situation, think about your personal list of resolutions like this: when there is a crisis, the person to help is the one most capable of helping everybody else. That person is you! The mother, the sister, the daughter, the wife, the friend... you have so many people to care for... so make a resolution that will benefit and fulfill you!

Wanting to make a change for the better is already a step in the right direction. To make it happen requires that a 4-step plan be put into effect:

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Frisky Business: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship
Relationships are a balancing act of two people sharing their lives, providing each other with love and support while still maintaining their identities as separate individuals. As years pass, anything and everything - career, kids, finances, illness, general stresses of life - can get in the way of a couple's intimacy.

So what can you do to keep that closeness and maintain the va-va-voom in your relationship?

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Frisky Business: Maintaining a Healthy Relationship (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

The Dog Days of Diabetes
The dog days of summer - the sticky, sweaty, humid weather - are often unpleasant. A diabetes diagnosis used to elicit the same feeling - no more eating your favorite foods, not being able to exercise and painful glucose monitoring. But wait! There's good news! Since the discovery of insulin in 1921, living with diabetes allows you to do just that - live.

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The Dog Days of Diabetes (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Super Foods Can Be Diet Superheroes
"Super foods" get a fair amount of attention in the media these days - and with good reason. They are food sources packed with higher nutrients per calorie as compared to other foods. When you consider some of their benefits - they can help lower cholesterol, protect against heart disease, certain cancers, diabetes and respiratory infections, and even put you in a better mood - it's worth striving to include more in your diet.

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Super Foods Can Be Diet Superheroes (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Fill 'Er Up: The Importance of Maintaining Brain Health
We've all experienced that moment when you walk into a room and can't remember why! Early research states as you get older, the speed of your brain begins to slow down and your memory sometimes "shorts out." Goodnews! That may not be completely true! Scientists now say that your brain is actually getting smarter as you age.There are more and more things you can do to invigorate your noggin and maintain healthy brain function.

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Fill 'Er Up: The Importance of Maintaining Brain Health (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Over Reactive? Have no fear!
You don't have to put your child in a plastic bubble when you find out about his or her allergies.While it's normal for parents to want to protect their child from harm, overreacting to their allergies is not the answer. You cannot shield them from every little thing that may cause them harm.

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Over Reactive? Have no fear! (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Learn Label-ese
Over-the-counter (OTC) medicines are those you buy without a prescription from your doctor. These medications can help you feel better by treating or preventing health problems, including constipation, cold and flu, and nausea. As with any medication, relief is sometimes accompanied by unpleasant effects, also known as adverse effects. These adverse effects include side effects, food and drug interactions, drug-drug interactions, and allergic reactions.

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Learn Label-ese (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Managing "Manopause"
When a woman is cranky or moody, the blame is pointed at hormones or "her time of the month," but what about when a man exhibits the same behavior? Is it as simple as he's just having a bad day or is stressed about work/money/family? Turns out, the answer may be no.

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Managing "Manopause" (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Fit Beyond the Scale
Is it possible for someone to be fit even if the scale says otherwise? The short answer is yes. The number on the scale is only a piece of your total health. Learn what it means to be fit and what to focus on when it comes to exercise and diet.

Fit Beyond the Scale (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Cents & Sensibility
'Tis the season of indulgences, a time when we help ourselves to an extra serving of our favorite dish and wear out our credit cards on gifts for the ones we love. The holidays are our favorite time of year—so why are we so stressed out? This month, learn how to stop the frenzy by keeping your wallet (and your waist size) in check—a healthy balance of Cents & Sensibility.

Cents & Sensibility (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Dying to Be Thin
Eating disorders have reached epidemic levels, including among children. In fact, eating disorders in children typically begin between ages 11 and 13. Read on to learn more about preventing eating disorders in yourself and the ones you love.

Dying to Be Thin (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

The other "Big Cs": reduce your risk of cancer
These days, most of us know someone who has been affected by cancer. The disease not only affects the person who is diagnosed, but also their loved ones. Your first line of defense? Get informed. Read on for a rundown on some more common cancers and how you can reduce your risk of "the big C."

The other big C's (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Top 5 Secrets of Centenarians
These days, age is really is just a number: 40 is the new 30, 50 is the new 40 and reaching the 100 mark is no longer an impossible task. In fact, centenarians are living longer because they are leading much healthier lives. Check out these five secrets to reach 100.

Secrets of Centenarians (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Hygiene Beyond Handwashing
Teaching children the importance of good hygiene goes beyond handwashing - especially as they grow up and enter puberty. There are steps to great hygiene that parents can show children today for a clean (and great smelling!) tomorrow.

Hygiene Beyond Handwashing (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Are You Covered?
When it comes to our health, we try to cover all the bases: we eat our fruits and veggies, lather on the SPF, even exercise—but are you covered when it comes to your health insurance? Knowing your options and how life events affect your insurance can help protect you and your loved ones from the surprises life can throw your way.

Are You Covered? (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Weekend Warrior Wisdom
Do you have a "weekend warrior" in your life? The Home Safety Council reports that an estimated 20,000 deaths occur each year as a result of home-related injuries. Help keep your "weekend warrior" (who may even be you!) safe with these tips.

Weekend Warrior Wisdom (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

And for when those accidents and minor injuries do occur, know when to seek treatment from the ER or an Urgent Care. St. Luke's offers six convenient Urgent Care Center locations.

Your Hips Don't Lie
Hips not only provide shape and support, but also enable movement, making them among the most important parts in the body. Maintaining strong, healthy bones is essential. Daily doses of calcium and vitamin D, along with exercise, can help the body fight against bone loss in the hips and elsewhere.

Your Hips Don't Lie (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

St. Luke's Osteoporosis Center offers diagnosis and treatment of osteoporosis.

St. Luke's offers Bone Builders, a free fitness class for those who have been diagnosed with, or are at risk for, developing osteoporosis. Call 314-542-4848 or click here for more information.

Show Us Your Tots
As a parent, your child's well-being is your top priority. While your little ones may not yet know the importance of good health, building a positive relationship with a physician is a great first step and can give your child the tools needed to make healthier choices in the future. A little advance planning and helping your child know what to expect can go a long way in making a visit to the doctor easier on both of you.

Show Us Your Tots (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Need a pediatrician or specialist? For help finding the right one for you and your family, contact St. Luke's Physician Referral Service at
314-205-6060 or access the online physician directory.

Avoid a Brain Wreck
The brain is a key part of our bodies, affecting so much of what we do. When disease strikes the brain, it can develop complex conditions that are dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening. Learn the facts about common brain disorders, symptoms and treatments - from concussions and seizures to strokes and Alzheimer's disease - to protect you and your family.

Avoid a Brain Wreck (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

A Little DASH Will Do You
High blood pressure, which often leads to various forms of cardiovascular disease, has become a national epidemic. The culprit? Sodium. Put a little DASH in your life. DASH, or Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension, is a healthy lifestyle plan developed by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to aid in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol levels without the need for medication.

A Little DASH Will Do You (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?
Are you eating well, exercising daily, sleeping 7-8 hours each night and still find yourself gaining weight? Your thyroid may be to blame. As many as 59 million Americans suffer from thyroid conditions, which are more common in women. Check out the signs and symptoms of an underactive and overactive thyroid and learn more.

Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat? (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Blessings That Really Matter: Our Relationships and Health
This season, as we appreciate the many blessings we take for granted, don't overlook the most precious gifts we have: good health and family ties. By opening up forms of communication and knowing where we come from, better health and perspective in life become possible.

The Gift: A Mother and Daughter's Love for Each Other (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

It's important to know your genetics and understand their health implications for you: St. Luke's Hospital offers Genetic Counseling Services for preconception, infertility, prenatal, neonatal, adult family history of genetic disorder, and cancer risk. Learn more.

Downsize Diabetes
Diabetes is a serious disease and is not selective when it comes to its victims. Anyone can be at risk for diabetes. It causes your blood glucose levels to shoot way above normal and wreaks havoc with your health. But diabetes is a controllable disease. You can control, manage, reduce or avoid the presence of diabetes in your life and have the good health you've dreamed about by being proactive and using simple recommendations.

Downsize Diabetes: Facts and Simple Recommendations (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
St. Luke's diabetes education, resources and support group information

Guidelines for the "Girls"
Breast cancer poses a threat to nearly every woman. Fortunately, with early screenings and medical research, breast cancer is no longer a sudden discovery with little hope of recovery. Take charge of your breast health by taking time to protect the "girls." Get regular screenings, follow healthy habits and know the signs and symptoms of breast cancer.

Guidelines for the "Girls" Breast Health (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
Mammography Guidelines
St. Luke's Mammography Services
SonoCiné Exam for women with dense breasts

Prep School: Yearly Immunizations
August means one thing for parents: back to school. What better time is there to ensure your son or daughter's long-term health than by scheduling them for their yearly immunizations? Immunizations are a way for you to say to your child, "I will never let your health get in the way of your dreams." Don't wait - this is the busiest season! Make an appointment with your healthcare provider TODAY.

Prep School: Yearly Immunizations (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Smoking Is Not Hot
An estimated 20% of adults in the U.S. currently smoke cigarettes. Are you one of them? Cigarette smoking is the leading cause of preventable death in the U.S. You know there are so many reasons to quit. No one ever said it was easy, but why pay cigarette companies to cut your life short? No matter what your age or how long you've been smoking, smoking cessation is a battle you can begin today, right now.

Smoking Is Not Hot (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

"Know the Score" with Men's Health
June is a good month to remind the men in your life (spouses, partners, sons, fathers) to get off the sidelines when it comes to their health. They need to "know the score," which means getting needed checkups and health tests, being active and eating well. Help them get up, get out and start playing in the game - for life!

Know the Score with Men's Health (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Top 7 "Hidden" Diseases in Women
Women have mastered the art of taking care of those they love, but often lose sight of taking care of themselves. Many times, women unknowingly put their health at risk by ignoring certain telltale symptoms. Find out what are the 7 most common "hidden" diseases that are secretly attacking women's health and what you can do to protect your health. Your health is demanding your attention. What are you waiting for?

Top 7 Most Common "Hidden" Diseases in Women (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Togetherness Can Be Cure for Dreaded Doctor Visits
Spending quality time with the people we hold dear not only soothes the soul but also promotes health and well-being. The opposite can be true, too. Next time a family member of friend needs to visit the doctor or get a health check, get creative by turning it into fun, quality time for both of you.

Take a Loved One to the Doctor (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Small Changes Can Help Protect Your Kidneys
Do you ever ask yourself what makes your body function like clockwork? How is it that our bodies know what to eliminate and what to keep in order to survive and be healthy? Surprisingly, the key to our health lies within the power of our kidneys, which mainly act as supercharged filters. Unfortunately, when trouble arises in our kidneys, there are rarely any symptoms. Kidney disease is often preventable with early detection (through screenings and regular doctors' visits), exercise, a healthy diet and controlling other conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure. By incorporating small but positive changes in our lives we can prevent or delay the onset of kidney disease.

Kidneys, Don't Fail Me Now (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Don't Have a Stroke!
When we get frustrated driving through rush hour traffic or get stressed and lose patience with a coworker or loved one, we realize anger has sometimes become part of our daily routine. While it's a perfectly natural emotion in small doses, excessive anger has the ability to trigger one of the deadliest health conditions affecting our community to date - stroke. Know the warning signs of stroke and what you can do to control your feelings in a more positive, healthy way.

Don't Have a Stroke! (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Avoid the Risk of Cervical Cancer
Did you know that cervical cancer is the fifth most common cancer in women worldwide? With prevalence of cervical cancer at an all-time high, it's important to take the proper precautions to keep your body healthy and strong. Prevention and wellness begin with making sure you get regular Pap smears and knowing and identifying the signs and symptoms of cervical cancer.

Avoid the Risk of Cervical Cancer (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Lighten Up Your Life
Did you know that more Americans die from cardiac episodes between Thanksgiving and New Year's Day than at any other time of year? This holiday season, lighten up your life by embracing simple pleasures and keeping your immune system resilient so that you can tackle the holiday with ease. Instead of falling prey to pressure and worry, make it your mission to start an epidemic of positivity and kindness! Check out this list to help brighten your thoughts and behavior this holiday.

Lighten Up Your Life (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Healthy Sleep Crusade: The Importance of Sleep
Are you tired? Doctors are increasingly convinced that restful and regular sleep is just as important to their patients' health as exercise and a balanced diet. Overcoming a sleep disorder and getting a good night's rest has many benefits for overall health and quality of life.

The Importance of Sleep (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

St. Luke's Sleep Medicine and Research Center specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of all types of sleep disorders in patients six months old through adults of any age.

Tune in to Prevent Diabetes
Diabetes is a chronic disease that comes with life-threatening complications such as heart disease, stroke, kidney disease, blindness and amputation. Preventing diabetes is easier than you think. Don't just sit on the sidelines. Be proactive about your health so that you can live a healthier and longer life for yourself and your family! Check of these 5 tips to take control and prevent diabetes today.

Tune in to Prevent Diabetes (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Diabetes support groups and education programs at St. Luke's

Harvest a Healthy Family
As the seasons change, so can we. Let us find ways to unite our families through wellness by invigorating our daily routines. When it comes to nutrition, it is important to get everyone involved in making eating right the most satisfying priority. Infuse family time with energy and activity and use milestones or holidays to schedule annual check-ups to ensure that your health and your family's health are just where they need to be.

St. Luke's Hospital offers a wide variety of health and wellness programs, events and classes for women and their families throughout the year.

Find a class or event that appeals to you.

Harvest a Healthy Family (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Star In Your Own Screen Test
Are you ready to take the leading role in your own healthcare? Get started today and star in your own "screen test" to achieve award-winning health. Create a script for your own healthy life story by scheduling regular check-ups, preventive screenings and immunizations. Co-star with your doctor by raising any questions or concerns you may have. Routine care and health assessments can help lower our health risks, including ones that may be hereditary.

Star In Your Own Screen Test (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

What you need to know about health and wellness - a checklist for each decade of life

Get Your Teen to Talk Back
The great wit William Galvin once said, "Mother Nature is providential. She gives us 12 years to develop a love for our children before turning them into teenagers." Adolescence can be a confusing time for both parents and teenagers. Many parents of adolescents feel like they've gone from being seen as the smartest person around in their child's eyes, to an unsophisticated relic overnight. But even if your teen is pushing you away, it's important to find the time to reinforce healthy habits and listen with an open mind. Despite busy schedules and chaotic lifestyles, quality time is the one priceless accommodation our kids deserve! Learn some tips to help you better understand and communicate with your teen.

Get Your Teen to Talk Back (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Brush Up on Good Health
Did you know that signs of a disease may first appear in your mouth? It's true! Diabetes, osteoporosis, HIV/AIDs, anemia, rheumatoid arthritis, and Sjögren's syndrome can all display tell-tale symptoms in the gums, tongue and teeth. Oral hygiene is not only about keeping your teeth clean, but also about maintaining your overall health.

Brush Up on Good Health (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Thrive with the Top Five
National Cancer Survivors Day® on June 6 is a good reason to celebrate and rejoice with the more than ten million cancer survivors living healthy, productive and happy lives. Living with cancer is challenging, but incorporating strategies to stay emotionally and physically strong can improve quality of life and longevity.

Thrive with the Top Five (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

The Center for Cancer Care at St. Luke's Hospital offers comprehensive inpatient and outpatient services, educational information and emotional support for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cancer. As an additional support to individuals diagnosed with cancer and their families, the St. Luke's Cancer Resource Center provides education and resources on all aspects of cancer care.

Make Your Health a Priority Today!
Women often lose track of their own health in the midst of the hustle and bustle of caring for their families, their friends and even their jobs. It's easy to use the excuses of being too tired, too busy or too stressed to begin making changes today.

As a Spirit of Women hospital and in honor of National Women's Health Week May 9 - 15, St. Luke's is encouraging women to honor, celebrate and rejoice in making their health a top priority by making simple, daily changes for better health. And on May 10, National Women's Checkup Day, women are reminded to schedule any necessary health checkups or screenings. Need a physician? Call St. Luke's Physician Referral Service nurses for help finding the right physician for you: 314-205-6060.

Health is Action (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Know Your Own "Ingredients" to Better Health
Just as culinary tastes result from family traditions, cultural backgrounds and regional preferences, so do our individual health needs and preferences. Make sure your doctor knows your "ingredients" (cultural beliefs, family history and health history, all of which can determine risk factors and appropriate screenings) to create your personal recipe for better health, including:
  • Personal and family health history and concerns
  • Risks associated with your age, gender and ethnic background
  • Recommended screenings based on your health profile
  • Disease and conditions prevalent in your community
  • Lifestyle choices that can affect your health
  • Cultural beliefs and requirements
  • Language and learning preferences
Celebrate Differences: Know Your Ingredients to Better Health (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Protect Your Bottom Line (against colorectal cancer)
Colorectal cancer is the second leading cancer killer in the United States, but it doesn't have to be. Protect Your Bottom Line with the truth. Learn the risk factors, when you should be considering health screenings, and what action steps you can take.

Protect Your Bottom Line (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Don't Miss a Beat
Did you know your heart can miss a beat but you might not notice it? If your heart beats too quickly, too slowly or with an irregular pattern, you may have an arrhythmia. Many times, it can be harmless, but Atrial Fibrillation (A Fib) is the most common and severe type of arrhythmia, damaging the heart's electrical system and leading to increased risk for stroke, heart attack and heart failure. Women are more likely to experience symptomatic attacks, a higher frequency of recurrences, and significantly higher heart rates during A Fib, which increases risk of stroke.

Don't Miss a Beat (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

See Yourself in a Whole New Light
Of the five senses, sight is the one that people fear losing the most. There are many things that you can do to protect your sight and your eye health. Simply knowing about precautions and the common signs and symptoms of problems are the first steps to ensuring healthy eyes that function well your entire life.

See Yourself in a Whole New Light (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Care for your spirit this holiday season
The holiday season is almost here! Are those words warm and joyful for you - or do they press down on you like a 2-ton fruitcake, putting more pressure into your already busy and stressful life? The holidays are often a time of joy, fun and family togetherness, but they can also be fraught with demands, expectations and stress.

According to the National Mental Health Association, reasons for feeling blue around the holidays are numerous. The key to enjoying the season is to be selective, choose those things you really must do or really want to do and let the other things go. Remember "No" is not a four-letter word. Check out some tips and ideas for helping you stay holiday-ready and ward off unnecessary stress. Be sure to take care of your spirit!

Care for your spirit this holiday season (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
Five easy ideas to help you stay holiday-ready (PDF) PDF

A grateful heart - the key to happiness & better health
Thanksgiving is the time of year when our hearts and minds turn to that gentle recognition, rediscovery or remembering of the simple abundance around us - gratitude. A grateful heart can be the key to happiness and better health. According to studies at the University of California at Davis, there is scientific proof that people who adopt an attitude of gratitude are not only happier, but are also healthier. Being grateful can improve your mental and physical health in these ways:
  • Boosted immunity
  • Relaxed brain
  • Recharged heart
  • Improved fitness
  • Positive marriages
  • More optimistic
  • Less materialistic
  • Emotionally resilient
A Month of Gratitude (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Scare Breast Cancer Away
Afraid to get a mammogram because you have heard that it may hurt? Scared that you might receive bad news? Although more people are diagnosed with breast cancer now, fewer die from the disease. The main reason: women have overcome their fears and have sought regular exams and mammograms leading to early detection, which generally leads to early treatment - when it can achieve the best results.

Confused about the mammogram screening guidelines?
St. Luke's supports the guidelines established by the American Cancer Society.

Mammograms Made Easy
St. Luke's offers many convenient locations for screening or diagnostic mammograms, in addition to our mobile mammography van. Get more information.

Don't Be Scared by Breast Cancer (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Calling the Shots – All about Immunizations
Despite immunization being one the best health achievements of the 20th century, thousands of people in the U.S. - from infants to the elderly - are dying today from vaccine-preventable diseases. New and expecting parents, moms and dads of teenagers, and caregivers for adults all need to keep up with vaccination schedules. What better time to make sure you are informed about immunizations.

Protect your health and enjoy the winter months by getting immunized for influenza. St. Luke's offers the seasonal flu shot (which includes the H1N1 strain) at St. Luke's Hospital, our Urgent Care Centers and through Community Flu Shot Clinics. Contact a St. Luke's Urgent Care Center.

Calling the Shots for You and Your Family (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
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CDC Podcasts

Navigating the Lunch Line & Making Good Food Choices
We are what we eat. But we don't always make the best food choices. Making the right ones can help boost energy, aid in weight management, prevent colds, virus and disease, promote overall healthy body function and keep you looking and feeling great. Educate yourself and encourage good eating habits by teaching your family to make good food choices when packing or purchasing snacks and lunches. And remember... kids tend to learn by example, so make sure you are setting a good one!

St. Luke's offers Nutrition Counseling to help individuals develop a personalized nutrition plan for weight management, improving sports performance and reducing risk of disease.

St. Luke's also offers a Perfect Fit Weight Management Program, which combines individualized personal training and nutrition counseling with the goals of getting clients to their "perfect fit." For more information and details, check out the Perfect Fit Weight Management Program.

"Navigating the Lunch Line" (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Sun & Your Skin
Blow the Whistle on Skin Cancer

Protect Your Skin
Although skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States, it is also one of the most preventable and, when detected early, treatable forms of cancer. Yet, more than 10,000 people in the US die from skin cancer every year.

Protect Your Skin (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Repair Your Skin
Did you know that up to 90% of skin changes that people think are related to aging are actually from the sun? Skin damage, called photo-aging, not only contributes to wrinkles, it can also cause loose or sagging skin or a loss of elasticity and firmness. It may also give your skin a leathery texture or cause spots and unevenness in color. The good news is that your dermatologist has treatments to help you actually repair skin damage!

Save Your Skin: Checklist of Risk Factors to Share with Your Dermatologist (PDF) PDF

Keep the Men in Your Life Healthy
In sickness and in health. Women often end up being the ones to take care of the health of their family, including the men in their lives. While most men make sure to get regular tune-ups for their car or keep up with maintenance of their lawn, they often neglect regular maintenance on their own health. Frequently, it is women who take action for the health of their sons, husbands and even fathers.

Information to help keep the men in your life healthy
Men's Health Panel Card (PDF) PDF

Honor Your Mother
Just how much do you resemble your mother? Of all the genes you inherited, only a few determine physical features. What about all the rest that determine health and overall wellness? For better or worse, we are our mothers' daughters, and knowing a little bit more about your mom and your family medical history could prove to be a life-saver for you both.

Learn Your Family History (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
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Fitness in a Flash: Take Steps to Improve Your Health
Simple steps and easy exercises can help keep you fit, reduce stress, improve core and upper body strength, and trim the fat.

Fitness in a Flash (PDF) PDF

Eat & Live Well to Prevent Diabetes
Today, there are approximately 57 million people in the United States with pre-diabetes, a condition that raises a person's risk for developing type 2 diabetes, heart disease and having a stroke. Healthy lifestyle habits are the key to delaying or preventing type 2 diabetes from developing. Are You Already in the Danger Zone?

Be on the Alert to Prevent Diabetes (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
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Women's Hearts Are Different
Did you know that heart disease claims the lives of more women each year than ALL forms of cancer combined? It's true! Heart disease is the #1 killer of women. And while more men are diagnosed with heart disease, more women are dying from it - why?

Women's Hearts Are Different (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF

Stick to Your Resolutions
Traditionally made in the beginning of each New Year, resolutions are made in the hopes of effecting positive change in our lives. How many of us have been successful so far in keeping our resolutions? Why are resolutions so easy to make yet so difficult to keep? Why is it that we make our lives and our happiness so easy to de-prioritize?

Tips to Help You Stick to Your Resolutions (Fact Sheet) (PDF) PDF
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