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Employee Testimonials

Yvonne O'Connor, RN , Division 7600
"St. Luke's Hospital is a great place to work because of the attitude. We have friendly, caring people - starting with administration and throughout the hospital."
Kristin Garrett, RN, Division 6500
"St. Luke's is a great place to work! By that I mean that by working here I feel that I am a part of something great - the people, the work, the compassion that goes on here is indescribable. I truly love my job as do my coworkers, I wouldn't want to be anywhere else."
Ann Vines, RN, Diabetes/Surgical
"People are great. I just really like it a lot."
Janna Veith, Dr. Jorge Pineda's office
"It's close and convenient. I come to work to be with my friends."
Susan Meilink, RN, Same Day Surgery
"The people are the best — from employees to patients. Everyone is treated like an important person here. It's really extraordinary."
Mary Pfenning, RN, Community Outreach
"It feels like a home to me."