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Explanation of Medical and Surgical Specialties
Physicians are listed in this directory by clinical service or specialty. For additional information on a physician's training or certifications, call one of our Physician Referral nurses at 314-205-6060.
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Radiation Oncology
Radiation oncologists specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of malignant diseases, such as cancer, through the use of ionizing radiation.

Diagnostic radiologists use X-ray, ultrasound, nuclear medicine, computerized axial tomography (CT Scan) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) for the detection of abnormalities or malfunction of internal organs and bone structures. A diagnostic radiologist might also be involved in therapeutic procedures such as balloon angioplasty of arteries, as well as drainage of blocked bile passages, blocked kidney tubes and abscesses.

Reproductive Endocrinology
Reproductive endocrinologists specialize in the treatment of female endocrine gland disorders that may lead to infertility, including menstrual and pituitary disorders.

Rheumatologists are internists who diagnose and treat diseases and conditions involving the joints, particularly arthritis.