St. Luke's Hospital Opens Its Newly Renovated Neonatal Special Care Nursery

The Saigh Foundation Special Care Nursery at St. Luke's now offers six private rooms.

CHESTERFIELD, MO, March 15, 2013 - St. Luke's Hospital recently opened its newly renovated neonatal special care nursery to babies and their families. It now offers six new private rooms where families can bond with their babies, as well as areas specially designed to allow twins and other multiples to stay together.

The spacious new rooms in The Saigh Foundation Special Care Nursery include large windows, recliner chairs and features such as warming lights over the sink for bath time. A separate lactation room with a flat-screen TV offers additional space and privacy for breastfeeding mothers.

The level II neonatal special care nursery is equipped to care for premature infants delivered as early as 30 weeks and newborns with other special medical needs. Neonatologists, pediatricians, certified neonatal nurse practitioners and specially trained nursing staff supervise the nursery 24 hours a day, seven days a week.