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Patient Stories

Pediatric patient Maddie got a Princess Tea Party in the hospital

Dear St. Luke's,

My daughter, Maddie, was in the hospital for strep throat and rotavirus. I wanted to let you know how wonderful our night nurse, Kim, was on the pediatric floor. She was there each of the 3 nights of our stay and was absolutely the best nurse we've ever had! She had a cheerful bedside manner and knew exactly how to treat and react to my four-year-old's stubbornness when it came to drawing blood or getting her to eat and drink. Our last night, in particular, she was amazing and went above and beyond what is expected.

Maddie did not want to eat or drink and she had to finish 9 oz. of milk in order for the doctor to let her go home. I had tried everything as well as the day nurse to get her to eat and drink. She had a few ounces left to go when Kim came on shift. She immediately told Maddie we were going to have a Princess Tea Party and left. She came back with medicine cups, princess stickers and a paper crown to have a tea party with milk. Maddie smiled and even though she really didn't want to drink her milk, Kim's idea and enthusiasm encouraged her and she finally finished her milk so we could go home! Kim was amazing and made a "sick kid in the hospital's" situation so much better. She is a wonderful nurse that made a huge difference in our stay!

-Amy and Maddie

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