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Trilogy™ Stereotactic System offers image-guided treatment for patients
The Center for Cancer Care at St. Luke's Hospital offers patients one of the most advanced medical linear accelerator systems available � the Trilogy™ Stereotactic System. Stereotactic radiosurgery is a form of radiation therapy that focuses high-powered x-rays on a small area of the body.

The Trilogy system allows us to optimize both conventional and stereotactic treatment approaches. The linear accelerator has a higher dose rate for administering radiation, which allows us to streamline some of the more lengthy treatment sessions, such as when we use stereotactic radiosurgery. The new system also has independent robotic arms, an on-board imager with a cone-beam CT scanner and a remote-controlled couch. All of these features allow us to deliver powerful, tightly focused radiation beams with unmatched accuracy. This technology treats very small lesions and tumors that are close to vital structures � while avoiding or minimizing damage to surrounding healthy tissue. Another exciting feature is the ability to monitor and correct for patient motion during treatment using Trilogy's on-board imager.

At the present time, our stereotactic radiosurgery system allows us to deliver a very high dose of radiation therapy to a specified treatment volume within the brain. With the Brain & Spine Center here at St. Luke's Hospital, a need for the ability to deliver stereotactic treatments to the spine and other organ systems outside of the brain was realized. The Trilogy system allows us to deliver intracranial stereotactic radiosurgery without the patient having to be placed into a head frame, and it also provides us with a means to deliver stereotactic radiation treatments to the spine, lung, liver, prostate and other organ sites. The ability to deliver stereotactic radiosurgery to these sites vastly expands the capabilities of our radiation therapy treatment delivery system.

Patient Benefits of the Trilogy Stereotactic System
  • This robotic and automated system is the most precise and powerful cancer treatment technology available
  • Small lesions can be treated with radiotherapy, reducing the need for more invasive treatments such as surgery or chemotherapy
  • The use of advanced beams means reduced treatment time
  • The most advanced patient positioning tools mean the most accurate treatment and a reduction in side effects
  • The ability to adjust treatments in response to tumor shrinkage or volume

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