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Oncology Peer Review Committee - 2012
Core physician members
David Bryan, MD
John Buettner, MD
Donald Busiek, MD
David Butler, MD
Ronald DeGuerre, MD
Mari Fahrner, MD
Barbra Horn, MD
David Krajcovic, MD
Patricia Limpert, MD
Jeffrey Melnick, MD
Barbara O'Brien, DO
Jill Oberle, MD
Thomas Scully, MD
Ralph Torrence, MD
Michael Stadnyk, MD
Albert Van Amburg, MD
Francisco Xynos, MD
Andrew Youkilis, MD
Robert Young, MD

Ex officio physician members
Todd Arends, MD
Amit Bhatt, MD
David Kuperman, MD
Alan Lyss, MD
John Meyer, MD
Carrie Morrison, MD
Peter Weiss, MD
Pericles Xynos, MD
Sumera Yaqub, MD

Ancillary members
Heidi Beaver
Mary Ellen Bruenderman
Sue Bunch
Traci Burcham
Mari Chollet
Dinah Hayes
Lisa Heisserer
Rod Henning
Ashley Bell
Christine Hinden
Diane Jorgenson
Julia Kang
Vicki Kinahan
Peggy Kurlandski
Julie Pozzoli
Valerie Raney
Carolyn Rehder
Jason Stacey

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