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"St. Luke's Center for Cancer Care Has Changed My Life"
Ann knew she was doing the right thing.
"There is some breast cancer history in my family and getting my yearly mammogram has been something that I've always done," says Ann. But, after having her mammograms done every year at one facility and then having all her other healthcare needs provided for at St. Luke's Hospital, she decided to have all her care handled at St. Luke's Hospital. She's glad she did.

"We live way out in the country and I put my foot down and said we're going to do all of our healthcare at one place," says Ann. "St. Luke's caught my cancer. It confirmed my decision to move our care to St. Luke's."

After a treatment plan that included biopsies, a lumpectomy and radiation, Ann was referred to the St. Luke's Cancer Rehabilitation Program to complete her care. "Before entering the rehabilitation program, I started to lose hope because I was having headaches. I never realized it tied into my lymphatic system. Within a few sessions, I already noticed the difference. I just feel so much better. Everything is circulating the way it's supposed to. It's fantastic. The rehabilitation not only helped with swelling and other related issues, but my general wellbeing has improved immensely."

"Laura Sherman, the therapist in the rehabilitation program, has taught me to re-train my lymphatic flow and kick start my system," says Ann. "Laura is just a knowledgeable, gentle and compassionate teacher."

Ann also appreciated the care her doctors provided as well. "Doctors Gill, Limpert, Morrison and Butler were fabulous," says Ann. "St. Luke's Center for Cancer Care has changed my life. The whole team was great. Everybody was just wonderful and I wouldn't know how to begin thanking them all."

You just did, Ann. Thank you for your courage and determination.

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