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"A Great Place to be Treated"
As Juanita Boyher tells it, "I know I'm still here twenty-one years later and I guess that's what really counts." For our patients, time is really all that matters. More time with family, loved ones and, for Juanita, more time to bowl. For the clinical team at St. Luke's Hospital Center for Cancer Care, what matters to us is quality and compassionate care, and Juanita says she got that, too.

After an ovarian cancer diagnosis and subsequent surgeries with Dr. Carlton Pearse and Dr. David Krajcovic, Juanita says the care she received here was second to none. "I really appreciate the care the doctors showed me. Doctors Pearse, Krajcovic and Van Amburg were really good and easy to talk to. I've recommended them to different people. And the nurses were really understanding and I just adore them. It was just a great place to be treated," says Juanita.

Now, Juanita is focused on living. "I told my friend if this cancer is going to get me, it's got to catch me. I try to eat right and exercise. The first thing I do every morning is exercise. I work in the yard as much as I can and I also have a little garden. You just have to keep at it and be around people that cheer you on. It would be easy to hibernate, but that can be depressing. I still bowl - not very well, but I try. I also try to help people who are less fortunate than I am. You just have to keep plugging away."

Plugging away. After twenty-one years, time has really been on Juanita's side. And so have we.

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