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"This feels like home. It feels like they care and they want you to get better."

"I was not treated like a number, a case, a tumor. I was treated as a person who happened to have cancer."

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"This feels like home. It feels like they care and they want you to get better."
Thomas was the first guy you would reach out to if you needed something moved. "I was the guy you called," says Thomas. That changed in April 2011.

All he knew, in that moment, was that he probably needed to see his primary care physician at St. Luke's because of a sharp pain in his ribs following a momentary sniffle and impromptu sneeze. As he would soon find out, the full-body bone scan and x-rays would show that he had a fractured rib - and cancer.

Thomas was referred to Dr. Elliott Abbey, a medical oncologist at St. Luke's Center for Cancer Care, who diagnosed his multiple myeloma, a type of bone cancer present in bone marrow. Dr. Abbey started Thomas on a regimen of chemotherapy and radiation therapy which he still follows today. And in between those treatments came a feeling of needing to send a message to all those battling this disease.

"One of the reasons I decided to share my story is to tell people how well I have been treated at St. Luke's," says Thomas. "I've never seen anything but smiling faces. Dr. Abbey and his nurses are wonderful as are the staff in the Infusion Center. They know you by name when you come in. It sounds too good to be true, but it is."

"I've been to a couple of different facilities and for the most part, everybody has been good. But, this feels like home. It feels like they care and they want you to get better. They make you feel like you're getting the best treatment you can."

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