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Pastoral Care: A Ministry of Presence

Chaplains at St. Luke's are a compassionate presence available at all times to companion you on your journey.

When illness or the challenges of aging enter our lives, some may feel cut off from their usual spiritual roots and support systems—at times maybe even a bit isolated from God. Others may feel as though they are being punished for something or ashamed of a particular lifestyle they have chosen. Others may realize the need to make some major decisions about what they need to do now. And still others may actually feel closer to God and enjoy more deeply the outreach of their spiritual support communities or relationships.

What we know for sure is that illness forces us into some new places in our lives and relationships. If this is the case for you and you would like to explore some of the bewildering or emerging meanings coming out of your experience of illness, you may wish to talk with someone knowledgeable, experienced and conversant in the languages of meaning and spirituality as well as religious practices. 

Chaplains are available around the clock to provide pastoral care to patients, families, visitors, staff and physicians of all faiths. Our chaplains represent diverse faith traditions and are acquainted with various religious resources in the community when specific referrals are requested. Should you be transferred to Surrey Place, our skilled nursing facility, our chaplains are also available to you during your stay there.

The Pastoral Care Department wishes you and yours a meaningful season of Lent. Click to download our 2021 Spring Devotional booklet to reflect on your personal challenges and help your spirit draw strength from God.

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