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Pastoral Care: A Ministry of Presence

Resources & Services

Spiritual Resources

  • Spiritual reading booklets and other literature
  • Bibles, Torah, Koran
  • Rosaries, medals, etc.
  • Menorah candles

Religious Services

  • Protestant Services
    • Chaplains: Are available as desired
    • Sacraments & rituals:
      • Communion: Chaplains are available to bring communion
        to your room.
      • Baptism, anointing, blessing, prayer, etc.
      • Blessing for newborns & parents.

  • Catholic Services
    • Roman Catholic Priest: Visitation, the Sacrament of the Sick (Anointing), and Reconciliation upon request and availability.
    • Communion: Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion customarily bring communion to your room Monday through Friday and Sunday.

  • Other Services
    • Jewish Rabbi: Upon request and availability
    • Other Religious/Spiritual Advisors: We can be a liaison connecting you with your religious advisor and community resources.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer requests may be added to the "Prayer Request Box" located in the back of the Chapel or by contacting our office.

To request pastoral care services from your hospital room, call Ext. 4301 or make your desire known to a member of your health care team. Please identify your name and room number so we can locate you.

We also welcome your feedback on how we may serve you better. You may submit your request and suggestions by clicking on Requests & Suggestions.