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Pulmonary Services

What are the potential benefits and risks of participating?

Participating in a clinical trial might provide more effective treatment for your disease, or there might be no benefit at all. Participating may also help people in the future with the same disease. Study medication is provided at no cost to the participant, as well as study related medical testing and close medical follow-up. Some clinical trials provide funds to reimburse for time and travel. The study drug might cause side effects, many of which can be anticipated. However, unanticipated side effects can also occur, some of which could be severe or life threatening, Known side effects will be listed in the consent form. Careful follow-up while taking a new medication is standard, and each clinical trial is carefully monitored for the appearance of new side effects. Event reports are immediately communicated to the study doctors. The study doctor or a member of the research team will inform participants of any new information or changes in the study that might affect their health or willingness to stay in the study.