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Radiology Services

Lower GI

What is a Lower Gastrointestinal Study?
A Lower GI or barium enema is a study of the colon (large bowel), using a contrast material known as barium.

What are the uses of a Lower GI?
A lower GI is done to study the form and function of the lower gastrointestinal system, as well as to detect any abnormal conditions.

Is there any special preparation?
You will need to pick up a bowel prep kit from your local pharmacy at least 18 hours before the scheduled exam time.

What is involved in the procedure?
Your colon will be filled with contrast (dye) and air for this examination. This will be done through an enema tip, which will be placed by the radiologist. Initially, a quick fluoroscopy examination of your colon will be performed by the radiologist followed by numerous x-rays, which will be obtained by a radiologic technologist.