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Radiology Services

MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

What is Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)?
MRI is a way to look inside the body by using a magnetic field and radio waves instead of x-ray.

What are the uses of MRI?
Because MRI can target specific soft tissues, it is especially valuable in the diagnosis of brain and nervous system disorders, cardiovascular disorders, cancer and musculoskeletal problems.

Is there any special preparation?
Generally, there is little or no preparation. A preparation sheet is available for your specific test.

What is involved with the scanning procedure?
Your test may or may not require an injection of a magnetic dye called gadolinium.

You will be asked to position yourself comfortably on a narrow table. Your arms will be at your sides and your head on a pillow or in a headrest. As the scan begins, the table will glide into a narrow tunnel. Inside you will hear fans that circulate air around you. There will be plenty of light inside and an intercom system, which will allow you to talk with the technologist in the adjacent room.

When the scanning begins, you will hear loud thumps, knocks and humming sounds. These are typical sounds that may occur during the scan. Earplugs will be offered to you before the test starts.

Additional Information
Several factors can interfere with an MRI. Ask your physician for a complete list. If you have any of the factor or are uncertain, please notify St. Luke's MRI/CT scheduling staff prior to the scan date at 314-205-6565.