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Wound Care Center

Medical Management

The Wound Care Center and Hyperbaric Medicine offers state-of-the-art medical management of chronic non-healing wounds caused by diabetes and pressure, arterial and venous insufficiency, as well as complicated non-healing surgical wounds. The Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine Center was the first facility in the St. Louis region to utilize hyperbaric oxygen therapy for the treatment of chronic wounds. Newer, cutting edge technologies, such as recombinant human growth factors and bioengineered tissue substitutes, provides a full range of medical treatment modalities.

We provide a thorough diagnostic appraisal of the wound and the patient, followed by a carefully designed case management program. We will formulate a treatment program based on your needs. This program will include regular visits to provide treatment, evaluate progress and make any changes that might be needed. You will be given detailed instructions in home care, dressing (bandage) changes and protecting the wound from further injury.