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MyNewSelf Bariatrics

In late spring 2023, Betsy and Charlesse both underwent gastric sleeve surgery just weeks apart from each other. The couple shares their impressive weight loss (over 100 pounds each!) and how they navigated their weight loss journey together.


Betsy's journey towards considering bariatric surgery began in 1997, following the births of her children. The significant post-pregnancy weight gain led her to explore various avenues for weight loss. She consulted different doctors who prescribed an array of pills and diets. Despite her desire for weight loss surgery after seeing her cousins undergo bariatric surgery successfully, the lack of insurance coverage prevented her from taking that step. Her weight peaked at 319 pounds, and she could not walk, let alone run a mile. She was missing out on so much with her growing children.

Fast forward to 2019, a pivotal year when Betsy became a grandmother. Fueled by the desire to participate in her grandson's adventures, she resumed her weight loss efforts through medications. However, when COVID-19 hit, disrupting her access to weight loss drugs, she gained back all the weight, marking a low point in her journey. Then, a flyer from her insurance company arrived, announcing comprehensive coverage for bariatric surgery. Betsy called MyNewSelf immediately, and just ten days later, she found herself in Dr. Minkin's office. On May 15, 2023, she underwent gastric sleeve surgery, embarking on a 26-year-long-awaited journey.

In contrast, Charlesse's decision to pursue weight loss surgery was rooted in the longstanding impact of obesity on her overall well-being. Having grappled with weight-related challenges since junior high, she faced early deterioration of her knees and back. Despite intermittent success with diet and exercise, the weight consistently returned. Recognizing that obesity ran in her family, Charlesse decided it was time for a significant change and booked her surgery with Dr. Minkin for June 8, 2023.

Finding Dr. Minkin and the MyNewSelf program through their insurance was pivotal. Charlesse previously worked at St. Luke's Hospital and was confident Dr. Minkin was the right choice. Betsy and Charlesse credit the program for providing essential support, nutritional guidance, and helpful resources throughout their weight loss journey.

As with any weight loss journey, there were challenges, especially with being on different stages of recovery, leading to mood swings and emotional difficulties. However, with the support of the MyNewSelf team and a commitment to facing their new lives together, Betsy and Charlesse found great success in being each other's biggest supporters. They learned the value of self-control, celebrating non-scale victories like fitting into smaller clothes and walking miles and pushing each other to be better every day. 

The positive impact on physical health has been substantial for both Betsy and Charlesse. Betsy no longer takes high blood pressure medication, walks for miles, and loves running after her grandson. On a cruise in October, she caught sight of a beautiful woman out of the corner of her eye and realized she was looking at herself in a mirror. Charlesse has more energy for adventures with Betsy and has a significantly improved outlook on life.

The couple emphasizes that weight loss surgery is not taking the easy way out; it's a lifestyle change that requires hard work. However, the benefits far outweigh the difficulties, with Betsy and Charlesse losing over 100 pounds each and achieving their goal of reaching ONE-derland!

As they revel in newfound confidence, health, and a life without restrictions, Betsy and Charlesse encourage other couples to consider undergoing weight loss surgery together. They emphasize the importance of supporting each other through the difficulties and successes to strengthen the relationship.

This patient testimonial reflects results achieved by this patient. As each case must be independently evaluated and managed, actual weight loss will vary.

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