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Radiology Services

Percutaneous Biopsy

What is a percutaneous biopsy?
A percutaneous biopsy uses a special needle to obtain a piece of tissue from a specific area in the body through a tiny opening in the skin.

What are the reasons for a biopsy?
The reason for a biopsy is to identify a tissue type not normally appearing in that area.

Is there any special preparation?
Preparations vary. Ask your primary physician for detailed instructions related to your particular biopsy.

What is involved in the procedure?
Biopsies are obtained with the help of different x-ray modes to guide the radiologist to the area of concern. The skin over the area is cleaned with an antiseptic soap. The area is anesthetized or numbed with Lidocaine and a needle is guided into the area of interest. With gentle motions back and forth, tissue is obtained for analysis.

Additional Information
Most procedures require that you bring someone to drive you home. There is usually a required recovery time to monitor for complications. It will vary from one to two hours depending on the procedure.