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Barbara Ellzey, MD: Safe Fourth of July Celebrations (KTRS-AM)

Did you know most injuries caused by fireworks are from the types parents buy for their kids -- sparklers, firecrackers, bottle rockets and roman candles? Barbara Ellzey, MD, a physician with St. Luke's Urgent Care -- Ladue, shared tips on how to not let the sights and sounds of your Fourth of July celebrations turn into a trip to urgent care or the emergency room.

"I see a lot of thermal burns," Dr. Ellzey shared on The Jennifer and Wendy Show. "These can be from a number of things, most commonly, from firecrackers going off prematurely, or people think they are not lit and pick them up to re-light them and they explode." 

If you or someone you are with gets a burn, the best thing to do until you get to an urgent care is to put cool, clean material, such as a clean bedsheet or gauze, on the burn. Do not put ice directly on the burn. 

Her advice for a safe celebration? Leave fireworks to the professionals. 

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Listen to the full radio interview with KTRS-AM: St. Luke's Hospital - Safety for Fireworks