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Heart Healthy Programs and Screenings
Cholesterol and Glucose Wellness Screenings
Get your cholesterol and glucose numbers. A one-on-one consultation with a registered nurse/health coach also includes blood pressure and body composition measurement. A 10-12 hour fast and advanced appointments are required.

Also available is the A1C test (a finger stick with rapid results). The test is designed for people at risk for type 2 diabetes or for people with a history of diabetes who wish to better manage their health.

Cholesterol and Glucose Fee: $20.00 (no Promo Code required)
Cholesterol and Glucose with AIC Fee: $32.00 (enter the Promo Code BOTH and click Apply)

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Fees: Cholesterol and Glucose: $20.00  Chol Glu and A1C: $32.00  
For more information: (314) 542-4848

Day of Dance
Rockin' Wellness

You are invited to join the largest dance party in St. Louis. Learn fun ways to stay healthy at the annual St. Luke's Spirit of Women Day of Dance. Get your moves going with Zumba and other fun dance fitness demonstrations with your friends as you enjoy a morning of dance, music, health screenings, health information and more.

Registration is required to this FREE event!

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Fees: Free

Date: Saturday, February 23, 2019
Time: 9 a.m. to Noon
Location: DoubleTree Hotel & Conference Center
16625 Swingley Ridge Road
Chesterfield, MO 63017
For more information: (314) 205-6706

From Failure to Success - Strengthening Your Heart's Function
The word "failure" can be a wake-up call for those who have been diagnosed with heart failure. It can also be motivation to do something about it and be successful at taking care of your heart. Join a multidisciplinary team of health professionals to discuss proven strategies that will help you to take control of your health and minimize your risk of complications. This quarterly program brings the resources you need in a one-stop format.

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Fees: Free
For more information: (314) 542-4848

Heart Scan Screenings
Studies have shown the risk of coronary heart disease increases with higher calcium scores. Fee: $125. Physician referral not required. To schedule an appointment, call 314-205-6565.
For more information: (314) 205-6565

Heart Screening for Athletes and Active Individuals
If you are an athlete or are active, you may have heard of Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy (HCM), a very common condition that is the leading cause of heart related sudden death in people under the age of 35. Our HCM screening can determine your risk for sudden death and includes a focused history, physical examination and diagnostic testing. Fee: $175. To make an appointment or for more information, call 314-43-HEART

Moving Forward After a Stroke - A Support Group for Patients and Families
Our goals are:

1) Provision of education/information regarding rehabilitation and preventative care.
2) To offer a safe environment for survivors and caregivers to communicate personal experiences and recommendations.
3) To deliver support and inspiration to survivors and caregivers at all stages of stroke recovery.
4) To provide information about community resources and equipment.

Our stroke support group is designed to help survivors and caregivers to move forward with their life after a stroke. Group activities include:

Sharing milestones
Identifying barriers and accomplishments
Guest Speakers
Educational videos
Focus topics: assistive devices, walking strategies
Consults: dietary, social work, and nursing
Identifying resources for survivors and caregivers

Meetings are the second Tuesday of every month from 11 a.m. to noon in the dining room of St. Luke's Rehabilitation Hospital located at 14709 Olive Boulevard in Chesterfield.
Please RSVP at 314-317-5791.
Fees: Free
For more information: (314) 317-5791

Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) Screenings
Do you smoke or did you used to smoke, have high blood pressure, high cholesterol or diabetes and are over the age of 50? You could be at risk for peripheral arterial disease (PAD). Early detection of PAD can lead to effective treatment to keep you and your heart strong and healthy. Find out if you are at risk during PAD Awareness Month by having a free non-invasive screening of the arteries in your legs.

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Fees: Free
For more information: (314) 205-6074

Vascular Disease Screenings
Early detection and management of cardiovascular disease is a key part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Vascular screenings include: Carotid Artery Disease Screening, Peripheral Arterial Disease (PAD) and Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms (AAA) Screening. Fee: $40 per screening

These screenings take about 30 minutes and are painless procedures that use ultrasound technology. All exams are performed by a registered vascular technologist and reviewed by a board-certified vascular surgeon. A preliminary report will be provided the day of your screening. Physician referral not required. To schedule an appointment call 314-205-6074.
Fees: Per Screening: $40.00  
To Register: (314) 205-6074
For more information: (314) 205-6074

WomenHeart: The Power of Practicing Positive Thinking
How we think affects how we feel and then behave. Negative and irrational thoughts hurt us in our daily living. Learn from a certified holistic stress management instructor how to modify those thoughts into positive ones that can boost energy and help us experience our lives in a more joyful and positive way.

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Fees: Free
For more information: (314) 542-4848

WomenHeart: The Practice of Gratitude
Being grateful has been proven to have several positive impacts on health. Learn from a certified holistic stress management instructor how to practice having an attitude of gratitude.

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Fees: Free
For more information: (314) 542-4848