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Healthcare Workers Share Stories of Caring for COVID-19 Patients

On November 20 during the St. Louis Pandemic Task Force's press briefing, Brittany Becker, a St. Luke's emergency department nurse, joined other healthcare workers from the region to share first-hand stories of caring for patients with COVID-19.

Brittany Becker, a St. Luke's Hospital emergency department nurse, spoke about her experiences. 

“No visitors are permitted in the emergency room. So, we are the only ones that can care for and comfort patients in person. I will never forget one patient with COVID-19 in particular. Their family could not get to the hospital in time to say goodbye. So, I held the patient’s hand and prayed for them as they passed,” said Becker.

She urged everyone to wear a mask and take precautions. 

“Our profession received an enormous amount of support, especially at the beginning of our pandemic. Our community members clapped for us, dropped off meals, and showed appreciation in many other ways. We can still work together now and slow the spread of COVID-19. The easiest way to help us, your caregivers, right now, is to wear your mask. Trust me, it is much better than being hooked up to a ventilator,” said Becker.

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