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Jason Edwards, MD: Pandemic's Impact on Cancer Screenings (KTRS-AM)

Routine check-ups and screenings are an important part of staying healthy. During the pandemic, many have delayed their important screenings, which is a cause of concern for doctors. Screenings are the best, preventive tool as they can prevent illness or catch cancers in their earliest stages when they are most treatable. 

Jason Edwards, MD, a St. Luke’s Medical Group radiation oncologist, spoke with Jennifer Blome and Wendy Wiese of 550 KTRS-AM about the pandemic’s impact on cancer screenings. He says patients are taking a risk when they put off screenings. 

“Right now, the Pandemic Task Force and national societies have recommended returning to screenings,” said Dr. Edwards. “I think as safe as hospitals are, the greater risk is not seeing your doctor for a screening or any health condition. We’re certainly seeing in the hospital that patients coming in who are sicker than they would be otherwise. The thought behind that is maybe they were hesitant to come in until their symptoms worsened, and that’s leading to longer hospitalizations.” 

Listen to the full interview on KTRS-AM.

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