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Medical Residency

Providing clinical and professional development.
At St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital, we have a proud heritage of graduate medical education. Since 1954 we have provided high quality osteopathic medical education. We currently have six osteopathic residency programs in:
The ACGME and AOA have entered into an agreement for there to be a single accreditation progress. As such, the Internal Medicine, General Surgery, Anesthesiology, Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery and Orthopedic Surgery will be closing with the graduates of 2020. These are all AOA accredited programs and will not be applying for ACGME accreditation.

The Family Medicine residency has applied for ACGME accreditation and is in "Pre-Accreditation" status. The results of the initial inspection are pending.

The St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital Family Medicine Residency program accepts applications only through the Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS) of the Association of American Medical Colleges.

Application materials should include:
All ERAS applications will be reviewed by the FM Program Director and candidates selected for interviews will be notified by the FM Program Director.

Compensation and benefits
When you join us at St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital, you gain access to a number of benefits and compensation.

St. Luke's Des Peres Hospital paid benefits:
Insurance Programs (copay premiums paid by employee):
Other benefits:
Medical Education related benefits:
Contact us:
For more information about our education programs, contact our medical education phone number at 314-966-9491 or fax us at 314-966-9394.

To contact our Family Medicine Residency Coordinator, Ana McDonald, call 314-966-9586 or email ana.mcdonald@stlukes-stl.com.

To contact our Medical Education Coordinator, Karen Mebruer, call 314-966-9491 or email karen.mebruer@stlukes-stl.com.

To contact our Administrative Director of Medical Education, Marilyn Nicka, PhD, call 314-966-9587 or email marilyn.nicka@stlukes-stl.com.

To contact our Director of Medical Education, Kenneth E. Ross, DO, call 314-966-9511 or email ken.ross@stlukes-stl.com.