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Calorie count - sodas and energy drinks

Weight-loss calorie count sodas; Obesity - calorie sodas; Overweight - calorie count sodas; Healthy diet - calorie count sodas


It is easy to have a few servings of soda or energy drinks a day without thinking about it. Like other sweetened drinks , the calories from these drinks can add up quickly. Most provide little or no nutrients and contain large amounts of added sugar. Soda and energy drinks can also have large amounts of caffeine and other stimulants, so it is best to limit how much you drink.

Here is a list of some popular sodas and energy drinks, their serving sizes, and the number of calories in each.

Calorie count - sodas and energy drinks
7 Up 12 oz 150
A&W Root Beer 12 oz 180
Barq's Root Beer 12 oz 160
Canada Dry Ginger Ale 12 oz 135
Cherry Coca-Cola 12 oz 150
Coca-Cola Classic 12 oz 140
Coca-Cola Zero 12 oz 0
Diet Coca-Cola 12 oz 0
Diet Dr. Pepper 12 oz 0
Diet Pepsi 12 oz 0
Dr. Pepper 12 oz 150
Fanta Orange 12 oz 160
Fresca 12 oz 0
Mountain Dew 12 oz 170
Mountain Dew Code Red 12 oz 170
Mug Root Beer 12 oz 160
Orange Crush 12 oz 195
Pepsi 12 oz. 150
Sierra Mist 12 oz 150
Sprite 12 oz 140
Vanilla Coca-Cola 12 oz 150
Wild Cherry Pepsi 12 oz 160
Energy Drinks
AMP Energy Strawberry Lemonade 16 oz 220
AMP Energy Boost Original 16 oz 220
AMP Energy Boost Sugar Free 16 oz 10
Full Throttle 16 oz 220
Monster Energy Drink (Low Carb) 16 oz 10
Monster Energy Drink 16 oz 200
Red Bull Energy Drink 16 oz 212
Red Bull Energy Drink (Red, Silver, and Blue) 16 oz 226
Rockstar Energy Drink 16 oz 280



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