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Frequently Asked Questions

What is mystlukes?
mystlukes is an online healthcare tool that allows patients to access a snapshot of their health information. This information may include medication lists, allergy lists, vital signs, diagnoses, procedure information, lab results, immunization history, discharge instructions and more.
Is mystlukes available for all patients?
mystlukes is available to all St. Luke's hospital inpatients and outpatients, urgent care and emergency department visitors, and patrons of participating physician practices. mystlukes is also available for some provider practices. Please contact your provider's practice to see if they are a mystlukes participating office.
How do I sign up for a mystlukes account after a hospital stay at St. Luke's Hospital?
Your email address and a secret security question and answer will be collected during your inpatient stay at St. Luke's Hospital. You will receive an email invitation valid for 90 days to complete the enrollment process. Follow the email invitation prompts to complete the enrollment process and log in to your new mystlukes patient portal.
I was recently an inpatient at the hospital. How do I get access to my new mystlukes patient portal account?
A mystlukes new account registration email will be sent immediately to the email address provided during your in-person visit to a St. Luke's registration area. Once you have completed the mystlukes online registration steps, you will have ongoing access to your St. Luke's Hospital visit summary. For any additional St. Luke's Hospital inpatient stays, an email will be sent to the email address you used to sign up for mystlukes alerting you that a new hospital document is available for you to view.
How do I sign up for a mystlukes account at my physician's office?
If you visit a participating provider, you will receive an email invitation to activate your mystlukes account shortly after your provided email is entered into the patient portal system. We cannot accept registrations over the phone, so you must present your email account in the office to receive an invitation to activate your new patient portal account.
What if I already have a mystlukes account?
If you already have a patient portal account and you visit another mystlukes participating provider, you do not need to create another patient portal account. You may access your medical record using your existing login information.
Does my provider offer mystlukes?
Please contact your provider's practice to see if they are a mystlukes participating office.
Several of my physicians' offices utilize mystlukes. Will I have multiple accounts?
No, you will have one master account with one user name and password to view your hospital and participating practice medical records.
How do I log into mystlukes?
Once you have registered and activated your mystlukes patient portal account by following the instructions in your email invitation, you can access the portal from our website at stlukes-stl.com/mystlukes, or you can download the HealtheLife app for Apple and Android devices.
How secure is my health information?
mystlukes is provided through a secure website which uses encryption to keep unauthorized persons from reading communications, information or attachments. Secure messages and information can only be accessed by someone who knows the correct login and password to mystlukes.
I provided my email address at registration, but have not received my registration and verification email for my account. What do I do?
As long as a receptionist at a St. Luke's Medical Group provider or St. Luke's Hospital registered your email address in the portal system, you can click on this Self-Enrollment link to register yourself for the portal. If you still have trouble setting up your account, please contact the Help Desk at 1-877-621-8014.
I think mystlukes account has been compromised (i.e. someone else has accessed my account). What should I do?
If you believe someone has accessed your account without your permission, you should promptly log into your mystlukes account and change your password.
Is there a fee associated with using mystlukes?
mystlukes is a free service provided by St. Luke's Hospital to patients who have had an inpatient or observation visit, or patients who visit a mystlukes participating provider.
Do I need to have an email account to use mystlukes?
Yes, a valid email address is required to set up a mystlukes patient portal account.
Can I change the email address I use for mystlukes?
Yes, you can change your email address online. See the how-to guide. (PDF)
What services will be available to me on mystlukes?
You will have access to vital signs, diagnoses, test results, medication lists, immunizations, procedure lists, allergies and hospital discharge instructions. If you see a mystlukes participating provider, you will also be able to request an appointment or send a non-urgent message to the provider's office.
I forgot my password. What do I do?
If you go to the mystlukes log on page, select the link that reads "Forgot Password." You then will be prompted to enter the email address or username associated with your mystlukes account.

A password recovery email will be sent to your email. Once you receive this information, you will be instructed to enter your new password and the answer to your security question. You can also enter your mobile number in lieu of the security question and answer. If you have a mobile number associated with your account, you will receive a unique code via your mobile phone that you can use to reset your password.
Is it possible for my family to have one mystlukes account?
Every patient portal account must be associated to a unique email address, to ensure patient privacy, and the security of personal health information. Any patient who is 13 years or older is eligible for a mystlukes portal account beginning October 1, 2018. Parents or Legal Guardians of children 12 years of age and under may have access to their child's portal account with proxy access. Once the child turns 13, parental access to the portal account requires approval from the adolescent for privacy reasons. Parents or Legal Guardians will be required to submit a Proxy Authorization form (PDF)  signed by the adolescent for access to their child's portal account. Parents or Legal Guardians may also request copies of their child's medical records from St. Luke's Health Information Services Department until the day of the child's 18th birthday. When an adolescent turns 18, he or she may then register for a portal account as an adult.
Who do I contact if I have questions about my health information?
Please contact your healthcare provider if you have questions about information found in your mystlukes patient portal.
The information in mystlukes account is incorrect. Who should I contact?
Please contact your healthcare provider about any information you believe is incorrect contained in your mystlukes patient portal.
Can I access mystlukes from more than one email account?
No. For your privacy, only one email account will be accepted for this service. The email that was provided at the time of registration will be used to send you important notifications.
Can I send health information from my mystlukes account to any email address?
mystlukes is not an email account and we do not recommend sending any confidential information through the Internet. When you activate mystlukes, you will be asked to provide your email address so that you may receive email notifications to log in to your secure mystlukes patient portal account when new information is made available.

However, transmission is possible to healthcare providers who have a direct, secure email address. A direct email account is an email address provided by a healthcare provider that is able to securely receive health information and download it to electronic records. Contact your provider to ask if he or she can provide you with their direct, secure email address.
Can I access the patient portal from my cell phone or smart device?
mystlukes can now be accessed from your smart phone and tablet by accessing the mobile site or downloading the mystlukes app for Apple or android devices. Once you have created your mystlukes patient portal account, you can log in to the app using your username and password to view your medical health records.
I am having technical trouble logging into my account. Who can I call?
For all technical questions related to the portal, support is available 24/7 at 1-877-621-8014.

Please note: this is a new tool and many providers may not have established their direct email accounts. If you wish to utilize this resource please call your healthcare provider today to find out if they have this feature.