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Payment Options

Frequently Asked Questions about Billing

What is pricing transparency?
Pricing transparency is a term that is used to describe initiatives in the healthcare industry to provide meaningful pricing information to consumers. Pricing healthcare services is often complex for most patients to navigate and understand. Therefore, pricing transparency is a means of providing patients pricing information on common procedures so they can make more informed healthcare decisions. St. Luke's Hospital is committed to providing high value healthcare services by delivering high quality care in relation to the total rate paid, and it is committed to presenting out-of-pocket cost information on its website in a way that is easy for patients to understand.
What services are included in my hospital bill estimate?
If you are obtaining out-of-pocket cost estimates on this website or from one of our staff members, the estimate includes estimated room and board (for inpatients), supplies, nursing care, equipment use, nutritional services and any services provided by the staff of the hospital received during your treatment. The estimate does not include fees for professional services such as physicians, anesthesiologist, pathologist, radiologist, for services related to (but not limited to) reading and interpreting EKGs, X-rays, EEG and lab work, etc. Please contact those offices directly for information on what you will owe.

The information on the list of "Patient Financial Responsibility Estimates for the most common tests and procedures" page is based on an average of what most patients will pay out-of-pocket for services after their deductible has been met. Many patients will pay below the amount shown and some may pay more.
What services are excluded from my hospital bill estimate?
Your personal physician or other physicians providing you with services related to your hospital stay or visit will be billed to you separately. This can include fees related to specialists, anesthesiologists, pathologists, cardiologists and radiologists. Please contact those offices directly for information on what you will owe.
How can I obtain out-of-pocket cost estimates for services not listed on the website?
To receive an estimate of your out-of-pocket cost prior to service, please feel free to call our Billing Department at 314-576-8100 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday - Friday. You may also fill out the online request and someone will contact you within 48 business hours.
Why aren't all services listed on this website?
The services listed on this website are the most generally and frequently utilized scheduled inpatient and outpatient services. If you are unable to find the service you need on this website, you can call our Billing Department at 314-576-8100 and we will provide an estimate for you.
What information is needed for an estimate?
Before calling or utilizing the website for an out-of-pocket cost estimate, it would be best to call your physician's office to get the necessary codes (see below) so that we have the best description possible for the services you need. If you will be an inpatient, you will need to obtain a diagnosis code and procedure description. If you are going to be an outpatient, you will need to obtain the CPT/Procedure code.

If you have insurance, it is also a good idea to call your insurance company to make sure that the services are a covered benefit under your specific insurance plan. Your insurance plan may also require pre-authorization before services are provided. It is your responsibility to make sure the guidelines in your plan are met. If the services you would like to receive are not covered, you will be considered "uninsured" for those services and the self pay rates will apply.

When calling or requesting an out-of-pocket cost estimate online, you will be asked to provide the following information so that we can provide you with our best estimate of your out-of-pocket cost:
  • Description of services needed (CPT and diagnosis codes)
  • Type of service needed (inpatient or outpatient)
  • Physician/Specialists name and phone number
If you have insurance, we will need you to provide the following information:
  • Name of insurance company
  • Policy number
  • Group number
  • Name of the insured
Can I get an "exact" quote?
Unfortunately, we are not able to give an "exact" quote of your patient financial responsibility. We will do our best to provide you with an estimate or a range based our hospital's historical pricing for comparable services. Estimates are not guaranteed since the services used to calculate the estimate can vary from services you receive, due to treatment decisions, unforeseen complications, additional tests or services ordered by your physician and the variation in the clinical needs for each patient.
How does the insurance billing process work?
If you have insurance, a claim will be sent to your insurance company. Once they receive your claim, your insurance company may contact you for additional information. It is important for you to respond to their request for additional information as soon as possible to avoid delay in payment or a possible denial of payment. After your insurance company processes your claim for payment, you will receive an explanation of benefits from your insurance company indicating any amount you may be responsible for paying. Your insurance policy is a contract between you and your insurance company. If you did not follow your insurance plan's terms, they may not pay for all or part of your claim.

St. Luke's will send a billing statement to you if there is a balance remaining after your insurance company pays.
The out-of-pocket cost estimate information is not a guarantee of final patient responsibility. Estimates are based on information provided by you and/or your physician and your insurance company. Timeliness of claims processing may affect your overall out-of-pocket estimate. Professional fees (such as physician, anesthesiologist, radiologist, pathologist, etc.) are not included in this estimate and will be billed separately. Please contact those offices directly for information on what you will owe.

All estimates are based on St. Luke's Hospital as an in-network provider and assumes that you have met your deductible and any and all requirements of your insurance plan such as: pre-authorization, pre-certification, referrals, etc., prior to service.