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St. Luke's Palliative Care

St. Luke's Hospital recognizes that living with a serious illness impacts the whole person, as well as their family, in physical, emotional, spiritual and social ways. With this in mind, St. Luke's offers palliative care for both patients in the hospital and on an outpatient basis.

The mission of St. Luke's Palliative Care program is designed in harmony with the hospital's core values of dignity, compassion, excellence, stewardship and justice. Our purpose is to:

  • Offer dignity and quality of life for patients and their families.
  • Provide compassionate holistic interdisciplinary care for those with serious illnesses.
  • Apply excellent scientific evidence in the relief of pain and other symptoms.
  • Advocate and support informed decisions to ensure that patient and family wishes and goals are identified and respected.

The St. Luke's Palliative Care team integrates treatment recommendations for controlling symptoms and alleviating pain for patients, as well as providing emotional and decision-making support at any stage of treatment. Patients undergoing palliative care receive services from a specially trained physician, nurse, social worker and chaplain. Our enhanced Palliative Care Services are available for patients with a variety of conditions including cancer, congestive heart failure, stroke, kidney failure, liver failure, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, multiple sclerosis, dementia, or any other life-limiting illness.

Defining Palliative Care
Palliative care means to "decrease the severity of symptoms but not cure." Therefore, the focus for treating palliative care patients is to relieve suffering, including that of a physical, emotional and spiritual nature.

Palliative Care can begin at the time of diagnosis of a serious illness, and at the same time treatment is started.

Palliative care differs from hospice care in that hospice care serves terminally ill patients who are no longer seeking a cure or treatment for their disease. Palliative care serves patients with serious illness at any time in the disease process.

Goals of Care
St. Luke's Palliative Care team ensures the highest quality of life for the patients and families they serve by focusing on:

  • Integrating psychological, spiritual and social support for patients and families.
  • Incorporating patient's goals of care across the continuum, providing coordination between inpatient and outpatient settings.
  • Enhancing patient well-being by relieving suffering and improving the quality of life.
  • Maximizing use of community resources to support the family.
  • Encouraging caregivers by providing education, resources and support.
  • Using the appropriate resources that support the patient and family's goals and wishes.


For further information about the Palliative Care program, contact the nurse coordinator at 636-685-7788. 

About our Medical Director:

Jill Oberle, MD
Director of Palliative Care Services

As the director of Palliative Care Services, Dr. Oberle brings extensive experience in caring for patients who are coping with serious illnesses to improve their quality of life. She sees patients on both an inpatient or outpatient basis.

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