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Sleep Medicine and Research Center

Sleep Study

A sleep study, also called a polysomnogram, is a painless procedure that allows sleep professionals to collect data critical to diagnosing common sleep disorders. Your sleep study will be monitored by registered technologists to ensure the highest-quality data possible is captured. These technologists will also make observations and assist you as needed.

After you change into pajamas, the technologists will apply approximately 24 sensors and electrodes, used to monitor brain activity, eye movements, leg movements, muscle tone, breathing, oxygen saturations and snoring. The technologists will make a recording of the sleep study for your sleep physician to review.

It may be possible to diagnose and begin treating sleep apnea in a single night. If a sleep apnea diagnosis can be established after several hours of data are collected, a CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) titration may be initiated. The technologist will enter the room to fit you with a CPAP mask and help you adjust to the mask. The technologist will slowly increase the CPAP settings until signs of breathing problems and snoring are eliminated. The final determination of your diagnosis and CPAP pressure will be made by a board-certified sleep physician after he or she personally reviews your sleep study.

When adequate data is collected, the sleep study will conclude. The technologist will remove all the wires and sensors. You will be offered a light breakfast and given the opportunity to shower before leaving the sleep center. Towels, most toiletries and a hair dryer are available.

Sometimes patients need a caregiver or family member to stay at the sleep center overnight to assist with medication administration, mobility limitations or specific medical or cognitive needs. If this is the case for you, your sleep physician will assess your needs and make appropriate recommendations and arrangements for the night of the sleep study.

Your bedroom has independent temperature control, a full-size bed and a private bathroom.