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Spiritual Care: Support for the Human Spirit

Resources & Services

Spiritual Resources

  • Spiritual reading booklets and other literature
  • Bibles, Torah, Koran
  • Rosaries, medals, etc.
  • Menorah candles

Religious Services

  • Protestant Services
    • Chaplains: Are available as desired
    • Sacraments & rituals:
      • Communion: Chaplains are available to bring communion
        to your room.
      • Baptism, anointing, blessing, prayer, etc.
      • Blessing for newborns & parents.

  • Catholic Services
    • Roman Catholic Priest: Visitation, the Sacrament of the Sick (Anointing), and Reconciliation upon request and availability.
    • Communion: Lay Eucharistic Ministers of Holy Communion customarily bring Communion to patients every day of the week at both our hospitals and at least once a week at Surrey Place.

  • Other Services
    • Jewish Rabbi: Upon request and availability
    • Other priest/pastor/or spiritual leader: We can be a liaison connecting you with your religious advisor and community resources.

Prayer Requests

  • Prayer requests may be added to the "Prayer Request Box" located in the back of the Chapel or by contacting our office.
Request a chaplain by calling the Spiritual Care office at 314-542-4748 or if you are in the hospital dial extension 4301. Or, submit an online request.