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Total Control

A Pelvic Health Program for Women of All Ages

Total Control Do you find yourself always running to the bathroom? Or - oops - leaking when you laugh or cough? You are not alone. Bladder control problems (including incontinence and an overactive bladder) are common and often life-limiting conditions that are rarely discussed. So many women suffer in silence. It's time to take charge.

St. Luke's Hospital is the exclusive St. Louis provider of Total Controlâ„¢, a fitness and educational pelvic health program that can transform women's lives. By focusing on fitness from the inside out, it can help women of all ages experience life-changing benefits, including:

  • Stronger pelvic floor and flatter abs
  • Improved bladder control
  • Better sexual health

More than Kegel exercises, the Total Control program offers personalized, hands-on instruction that focuses on engaging the muscles that make up a woman's pelvic floor. The seven-week course integrates workouts and educational discussions on nutritional, behavioral and lifestyle information to help women improve their pelvic health and wellness.

Total Control Model Program Women's Health Foundation designated St. Luke's Hospital as a model program in the nation. Learn more at totalcontrolprogram.com.

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