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Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound - SonoCiné Breast Exam

SonoCiné is an automated whole breast ultrasound exam. It is designed to be done as a supplementary examination of the breasts (added to an annual mammogram) to find smaller cancers that may be missed by mammography alone. It is not a replacement for screening mammography. Traditional mammography typically finds cancers small enough to be treated successfully. However, mammography is not a perfect examination for women with dense breasts or breast implants.

Studies show that more cancers are found in women with dense breast tissue when an ultrasound examination is added to the screening mammogram. Finding breast cancers earlier, when they are smaller, makes them easier to treat.

Benefits of the SonoCiné exam
Studies show that an additional breast ultrasound using the SonoCiné technology can find 40% to 100% more cancers than with mammography alone. It is also computer-guided, requires no breast compression, radiation or injections, and is permanently recorded for physician review and follow-up.

Scheduling an exam
St. Luke's Hospital was chosen as the first facility in Missouri to offer the SonoCiné Automated Whole Breast Ultrasound to its patients. The St. Luke's Women's Center remains the exclusive provider of SonoCiné in the St. Louis area.

When scheduling a regular screening mammogram, a patient can decide whether or not to have this additional breast examination. A woman may also want to discuss with her physician based on her breast density and other personal health factors. (SonoCiné exam coverage varies by health insurance provider and plan. Ask your insurance provider about your coverage.)

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