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Radiology Services


What is a myelogram?
A myelogram is a diagnostic x-ray procedure performed by a radiologist.

What are the uses of a myelogram?
The purpose of the myelogram is to detect abnormalities of the spine, spinal cord and surrounding structures.

Is there any special preparation?
Do not eat or drink after midnight before your exam. Check with your doctor about any medications you may be taking.

What is involved in the procedure?
You will be placed on your stomach wearing a hospital gown and pants. The lower portion of your back will be cleaned with an antiseptic soap and then injected with a local anesthetic. A lumbar puncture will be performed with a needle being placed into the spinal canal. Some fluid may be removed and sent to the laboratory. Contrast (dye) is injected and the needle will be removed. The x-ray table will be tilted and you may be asked to turn from side to side in order to obtain a series of x-rays. After the completion of the myelogram, a CT scan will be performed in order to obtain more detailed images for the radiologist.

After the CT scan, your head will be elevated 30 to 45 degrees. Drink plenty of water after the myelogram to lower any chance of headache.