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Open Upright MRI of Missouri

It's your choice where you go for imaging. Why not make a good call - choose high-quality, lower-cost imaging services?

CDI offers the most comprehensive suite of high-field MRI services to meet your unique needs. CDI's Open Uprightâ„¢ MRI scanners in St. Louis help provide clearer images and/or a shorter exam time than most open-sided MRI scanners.

Benefits of Open Upright MRI:

  • The Open MRI design eliminates claustrophobia and accommodates patients of all sizes (up to 500 lbs), allowing most patients to be able to be scanned without sedation.
  • Patients can sit and watch TV during their exam!
  • Quality isn't sacrificed for comfort - this Open MRI scanner provides clear images to guide diagnosis.
  • The Open Upright MRI shows more detail than a traditional open-sided MRI system, and is perfect for positional or weight-bearing studies to evaluate your spine or joints.

Upright MRI may not be the best option for you depending on the type of exam and the area of the body that needs to be evaluated. At CDI, our radiologists are committed to working with your physician to make sure the MRI you receive will provide accurate and detailed information to guide your diagnosis. In addition, as with all our imaging services, our clinical staff takes extra time to guide you through each exam to ensure comfort. We continue to offer IV sedation to patients who are extremely anxious about their MRI exam.

If you have questions about any of our MRI services at CDI, please call 314-291-6736 or 885-200-6736 (toll free).