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Maternity and Childbirth Services

New Parent Guide: Caring for You and Your Baby

Our care doesn't stop when you and baby leave the hospital. We offer many services and resources to support this big change in your life and the health of you and your new baby.

The St. Luke's Baby Bundle app powered by YoMingo give you access to:

  • Evidence-based information on pregnancy, labor and birth, postpartum, breastfeeding and newborn care
  • Information specific to your arrival and stay at St. Luke's Hospital
  • A list of available classes and support groups
  • Pregnancy milestones
  • Kick counter
  • Contraction timer
  • Personal journal
  • Feeding and immunization logs
  • Plus many other tools


Baby's First Few Weeks
What to expect, information and helpful tips.

Perinatal and Postpartum Depression
Along with the joy and the relief of giving birth to a baby, many mothers experience sadness. Some mothers may find themselves crying, irritable, impatient, feeling a lack of confidence or even unable to manage caring for themselves or their baby. Emotional changes can range from postpartum blues, to clinical depression to psychotic depression. The difference lies in the nature and the intensity of these feelings and how long they last. 

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Breastfeeding Support
Through our onsite Lactation Center, St. Luke's offers a wealth of resources for mothers who choose to breastfeed. Staffed by board-certified lactation consultants, the center provides education and support for a successful breastfeeding experience. In addition to providing for mothers during their hospital stay, the center also offers a variety of services for before and after childbirth, including private consultations and consultations over the telephone for questions and support, as well as breast pumps for rent or purchase and a variety of breastfeeding supplies.

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St. Luke's Hospital offers a variety of classes to help you care for you and your baby after birth, including Happiest Baby on the Block (especially for sleep-deprived new moms and dads looking for restful nights and ways to calm your baby), classes for breastfeeding and going back to work, as well as fitness, nutrition and mindfulness programs.

View our full listing of classes and register online.

St. Luke's Pediatric Services
Hospital Pediatric Services
Committed to caring for children of all ages, St. Luke's offers comprehensive pediatric care throughout the hospital. When outpatient services or hospitalization are needed, families can depend on St. Luke's Hospital pediatricians and pediatric nurses to care for and treat your child for almost any illness or injury. Our pediatric care is not limited to just one department. At St. Luke's, pediatric staff members are available in every medical department of the hospital.

Because growing up often includes a trip to an emergency room, St. Luke's Emergency Department also has pediatricians available on-site 24 hours a day.

St. Luke's Quick Care for Kids
St. Luke's Quick Care for Kids is offered after hours, specifically for those evenings and weekend afternoons when your child is sick and cannot wait to be seen. Staffed by our board-certified pediatricians, patients at St. Luke's Quick Care for Kids can be seen for minor ailments and illnesses - anything that can be treated at your pediatrician's office. Information from your visit will be forwarded to your child's pediatrician for follow-up care.

Find Quick Care for Kids hours, location and details

Find a pediatrician or pediatric specialist
Search the online physician directory.
Call the St. Luke's Physician Referral Service nurses at 314-205-6060.
Contact St. Luke's Maternity Nurse Navigator at maternity.navigator@stlukes-stl.com or at 314-205-6385.
Tips on choosing a pediatrician

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Spirit of Women - complimentary membership program to keep you and your family healthy
Because we want to continue to provide support to you and your family, we invite you to sign up for a complimentary St. Luke's Spirit of Women membership - before or after your baby is born. In addition to great discounts at area retailers (including on supplies in St. Luke's Lactation Center), membership gives you health tips, resources and inspiration to keep you and your growing family healthy.

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Bladder Leakage and Pelvic Health Issues after Childbirth
Sometimes after pregnancy and childbirth, some women experience bladder control issues (from leaking small amounts of urine while laughing, coughing, sneezing, or with physical activity like running or jumping, to a complete loss of control). Others may experience pelvic pain.

During pregnancy, and especially a vaginal birth, the pelvic floor muscles get stretched out. After pregnancy and childbirth, they take about six weeks to contract back to their normal, pre-pregnancy condition. Your muscles may just need time to recover and the problems may go away on their own.

But if you still have a problem with urine leakage (even if it's minor and you think you can "just live with it") or pelvic pain, talk to your doctor. Life with a new baby can be busy and your baby's health may be your priority, but it is just as important to take care of your own health. St. Luke's offers a wide range of evaluation and treatment options for pelvic floor muscle issues, bladder control concerns, pelvic pain and other pelvic health conditions - from specialized core fitness programs and physical therapy to non-surgical and surgical options.

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